Duplicate Keys

When you need a new key, a locksmith will be able to provide duplicate keys for you. Even if you don't have a key for a specific lock, it's possible a locksmith can help.

There are several types of keys and it's helpful to know which ones a locksmith will duplicate for you. Here's a look at the most common keys a locksmith will be able to duplicate.

  • Yale Key - This is a standard, smaller key and can be cut pretty quickly by a locksmith.

  • Chubb Keys - A larger key with a unique design, Chubb Keys take longer to duplicate, but they can certainly be duplicated by a locksmith.

  • Safe Keys - All types of unique safe keys can be duplicated and may take longer, depending on the type of key.

  • Car Keys - Some car keys can be duplicated by a locksmith, while others require a brand new key to be created. Most modern car keys have to be created and cannot truly be duplicated by simply cutting a new key.

  • House Keys - Keys for locks on the front door of a home can easily be duplicated by a locksmith.

  • Padlock Keys - Often, padlock keys are Yale Keys and even those that are not Yale Keys can be duplicated.

The Professional Locksmith will not only duplicate most keys but will also be able to ensure you know which keys can be easily duplicated and which might provide a better form of security. Whether you're trying to choose a lock to ensure the keys cannot easily be duplicated or you need a copy of a key created, The Professional Locksmith can help.