Car power locks repair

Power locks are something we use in our car every day we drive. But what happens when those locks start to wear out?

Once your power door locks stop functioning altogether, they will show obvious signs of wear and need replacing. But your door locks often show signs of wear long before full failure. Here are some things to look for so that you can replace your worn out power locks before you find yourself locked out completely!


  • Weird Noises Coming From the Door. You hear the normal lock and unlock noise with your car, but listen for changes in that noise. Is it suddenly louder? Door locks operate with gears, motors, and actuators. All these things can fail, and sometimes they make noise before doing so.
  • My electric locks activate themselves! No, it is not your control that closes or opens your car doors. An actuator may be failing and the doors may lock or unlock without warning. Several things can be wrong here, from a mechanical failure of a part to something as simple as a loose cable. At Locksmith Star INC we can guide you through troubleshooting erratic lock behavior.
  • My Key Isn't Working. First you should check and/or replace the battery in your key fob. If your battery is fine, then it may indicate a problem with your power locks. Even if the power door lock buttons in your car work fine, and you cannot use your key fob, it may be an early sign your power locks are showing wear and may fail.

Replacing power door locks involves a part called a door lock actuator. Once one of our locksmiths has determined that there is no mechanical problem with your door locks, we can replace the actuator.

An actuator has a motor that powers your locking gears in your car door. While removing the door panel using specialized tools is necessary.