Smartkey programming

Most car keys made since 1995 include a device that can receive and transmit radio signals, called a transponder chip

Furthermore, most cars today are keyless, controlled by electronic keys, and most physical keys are invariably attached to a small box, usually made from hard plastic, that includes a set of buttons to allow users to start the car remotely. Key fobs are these small plastic boxes. Smart keys are becoming smarter as technology advances, and more vehicle functions can be controlled by key fobs.

The technological advance comes with certain problems. Modern technology has its growing pains. This can cause the transponder chip in the key to break or snap. Alternatively, the remote key fob can be lost, broken, or misplaced, and need replacing and/or reprogramming. Many other problems can arise. For instance, the lock and unlock buttons stop working, or they work intermittently, or the fob becomes water damaged, or the fob becomes worn. Our job is to fix that.

Your key fob is a wireless remote that interacts with the electronics in your car. With the right programming, they can do many things, such as opening the doors, starting the car, and controlling the LCD system within the car. They can even function without being physically touched. The key fob is frequently attached to a mechanical key, but this trend is declining.

Smart Key Duplication and Programming

We offer professional key fob replacement for lost, locked, or broken keys. We can recover an existing fob or get you a new one, program it afresh, and perform any other fob-related tasks. Our locksmith can replace your key fob. Generally we can program the key fob on the spot.

Push to start ignition is one of the most widely used and influential remote vehicle functions, allowing you to start your car with the push of a button. However, it also causes most problems. Our service will be there for you the fastest if you need your key fob repaired or replaced in an emergency.

We also provide machine cut keys., keys which, as the name implies, are cut with lasers for added security. The keys are stronger than regular keys and have greater precision. They also require specialized tools to cut, and professionals who know how to use said tools.

We provide Smart Key Duplication and Programming & transponder keys, electronic keys, and the service of programming the dealer chip on site and program remote controls.